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´╗┐Acne Products To Eliminate Blemishes

from: Skin Care Adviser

If you are looking for skin care products to fight acne blemishes, there are many medicated products for acne from which to choose.

You will see many brand name skin care products that claim you will have clear skin in a week. Some of these acne products work for some people. Some of them do not.

Whether these acne products works for you all depends on how your body reacts to the medication in that product. You may see improvements right away.

On the other hand, you may use it and see no change except that your face looks irritated and dry. This irritation and dryness that occurs with medication can even cause you to have more outbreaks of acne or pimples.

Using a moisturizer may help the dry skin problem. This could help your blemishes as well since many times acne is fueled by dry skin problems. Healthy skin is clean and filled with moisture.

"Clean" does not mean that you need to wash your face many times a day. This will actually cause acne to get worse.

To remove oil and pollutants from the air and your makeup, you need to clean your face two times a day. If you do not, bacteria from what is left on your face could seep into your pores.

There are always bacteria in your pores; this is actually what the acne products are trying to eliminate when you put the lotion on your face. The cream will go into the pores and start to eat at the bacteria. If successful, you may end up with a pimple free face.

Were it only that simple! Bacteria are not the only cause of acne, however.

Hormones play another major role in acne. This is why adolescents have a difficult time with their skin. As hormones are raging during this period of growth, the result is often skin blemishes. Acne products are often quite effective for adolescents and teenagers who have pimples caused by hormones.

Usually the pimples breakouts last for a short time and once the individual gets past the teenage years, the blemishes are gone. Until that time, topical medications that you find over the counter seem to help dry up current pimples and help prevent future outbreaks.

If outbreaks continue, some people will wisely move beyond the acne products in the store and seek out the advice of their dermatologists.

Dermatologists are able to prescribe medications that you take orally to help fight the bacteria in pores. Sometimes these products contain the same medication as those you find on the store shelves, but in stronger doses that must be monitored by your dermatologist.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these stronger acne medications may work better than the ones in the store, giving you that clear, acne-free skin you deserve.